Regina’s Welcome

August 13, 2014

Important Information:

Welcome to MM199B. I am excited to begin the fall 2014 semester. This course is hands-on and fast paced. You will have many responsibilities in this class. I believe college students should be capable of managing a variety of tasks. You will be required to read and prepare for class discussions and lectures. You will create and maintain your own blog using Blogger. You will join our course blog in Word Press, and you will be responsible for sharing and responding to information in a variety of ways. I encourage you to comment on the posts that you read. I am looking for engaged students who value the many opportunities for learning this course offers.

Notice that week one you are all required to insert a fun introduction post (not a comment) on this Word Press site with a photo. Before you can do this, you need to follow the instructions from the email you received from Word Press. If you did not receive this email, please contact me. When you are creating a post within the Word Press Dashboard, you need to check the “introduction” box which appears on the right side at at the top of a list of categories.  Following my directions is a key to success in Media Bootcamp.

This blog will be our course blog. Bookmark it. You will spend a lot of time here. Make sure you login to Word Press each time you visit the blog, so you can post and comment appropriately. If your username does not make your identity clear, make sure you include your name as well. Understand that this is a “post.”  Sometimes I ask you to “comment” on a post, but your introductions need to be separate posts. You cannot create a post until you 1) have a Word Press account and 2) Join this blog.

When you write your own intro post through Word Press, you need to check the category  box to the right that says “introduction,” which makes it nice for quick sorting and grading. Also notice, that just like in Blogger (upper right), there are two tabs in Word Press, visual and text. Usually, you will hang out in the visual tab, but if you need to post code, do that in the text tab.

I also want you to comment on this post AFTER you have created your Word Press account. I would prefer if your account name actually identifies you, but if it does not, you must make sure to always include your name if you wish to receive classroom credit for the work. Your comment should be brief. Tell me about one of your favorite books. It can be an all-time favorite or just a really good one that you’ve read recently. This task is important because it allows me to approve you as a commenter on this blog, which will be important later. This means that your comment will not show up until I have approved it.


I started in the Alumni Association in July of 2000 and started teaching in fall of 2003. I love blogs. I love reading student blogs. Students have been blogging in my courses since 2004, and the course title plus the word “rocks” is now a Regina Cassell tradition. It’s one you can laugh with fellow alumni about in a few years.

I love to read, and I think the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library, located just up the street at 10th and Lane, is an awesome library. As a procrastinator at heart, I understand the impulse to wait until the last minute to accomplish required tasks. I have found, however, that students tend to be more successful when they keep up with weekly coursework.


I have been married to my husband, Gene, for 17 years. He is WU’s Sports Information Director and has been since December of 1998.  We’ve got two great boys, Jacob is 11 and Jared is 9. I am a busy mom, active at Randolph Elementary, Pack 10 Cub Scouts , Troop 10 Boy Scouts and our church, Covenant Baptist, where I teach third & fourth grade Sunday school and serve as a leader in Awana. Our boys drag me to a fair number of WU sporting events, though honestly, I’ve never been much of a sports fan personally.


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